Response to Call for Public Comments

Podiatric education and training is the basis for our scope of practice, protects the public, and provides a roadmap for the future of the profession. The document that sets the standards for podiatric residency training is revised every 6 years. The CPME has completed their recommended changes to Document 320; Standards and Requirements for Approval of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Residencies and those draft changes are now available for review and public comment.

The ABPM believes that the draft document fails to meet the goals of 1. comprehensive training in both podiatric medicine and surgery; 2. parity with ACGME training programs; 3. training today's podiatrist to meet the current healthcare needs of the public.

The ABPM's response strongly outlines the case that there must be mandatory rotations in wound care, dermatology, pain management, and vascular surgery. Additionally, the ABPM recommends mandatory training experiences in focused biomechanical evaluations, foot and ankle-specific pathology, and podiatric problems in the pediatric pediatric population. We also encourage there to be a stronger emphasis on resident wellbeing, quality improvement and patient safety, and changes to the evaluations of residents and programs similar to ACGME standards. For example, milestones (or a hybrid milestone/minimum activity volume model) must be mandatory, not optional.

The ABPM is asking the community of interest to review the draft CPME Document 320 and our response and make your own comments to CPME through one of the mechanisms below.

Read our complete response here

CPME 320

Read the draft Document 320.

Read the substantive changes to Document 320.

Particularly focus your attention on Standard 6.0 and the Appendices which are the curriculum of podiatric residency training.

Read ABPM's response to the draft changes to Document 320.

Participate in the CPME Town Hall

CPME is holding a Town Hall meeting to take questions on the current revision to Document 320 on January 26, 2021 at 7 PM ET (4 PM PT). If you have specific questions, register for free at the following link:

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Submit Questions to CPME in advance of the Town Hall here (deadline January 22, 2021):

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Submit Your Comments

Comments can come from organizations or individuals. The volume of comments will determine CPME action on revising the document further. Please support ABPM's comments where you agree.

You can submit your own comments through the following survey:

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Alternatively, you may also submit comments in writing to Dr. Heather Stagliano, Executive Director, CPME at

The deadline to submit comments is
February 15, 2021.