To participate in stopping the spread of the COVID-19, ABPM Headquarters staff is conducting business as usual remotely from their homes. Phones and voice mails are being checked on a daily basis and office hours are 7:30am to 4:30pm PST. We would like to address a few questions that many are calling about.

  1. ABPM Dues were sent to all members via email on January 15th. As of March 16th, a $100 late fee has been added on to all outstanding balances. Based on the current circumstances, waiver of dues will be discussed on an individual basis and if you have any question, please e-mail
  2. The CME requirements required by the MOC program may not be attainable this year due to the high number of meetings which have been cancelled. Those who have obtained CME’s may still upload the information on the website or e-mail The cumulative numbers are 75 in three-year cycle and can be adjusted as necessary. ABPM encourages you to utilize online educational tools through PRESENT Podiatry, Goldfarb Foundation etc.
  3. The May 2020 Part 1 (Qualification Examination) has been cancelled and further details about alternative options will be communicated on the website and direct e-mails to all applicants.
  4. All conferences that ABPM planned on attending through the end of May have been cancelled based on the entity’s that host the conventions (i.e. IPMA for the Midwest in Chicago).

Please note, we will continue regularly update this page in response to questions, comments and concerns received.